The Borderlands Project

The Borderlands Project explores concepts of cultural and national identity in selected areas of Europe where historical and political borders have either changed or been fluid due to war or politics or a combination of both.

The intention is to undertake a photographic exploration of the landscape and architecture of these areas, as well as the people belonging to the minority groups on each side of the border, to discover how they identify, culturally, socially and possibly also politically. 

Does the architecture change? Are there any signs in the landscape to indicate that we are now in Germany or Spain, or Greece, even though the border is only short distance away? Are there different farming methods? What do people eat? Do the interiors of people's homes reflect their inhabitants' cultural roots? These are just some of the questions that pique my curiosity and that I hope get answers to.

The project will result in a photobook and exhibition with accompanying text and audio based on my research and the informal encounters I have along the way. I will initially be working with three 'Borderlands':


Spain/France (Catalonia & the Pyrenees)

Germany/Czech Republic (Sudetenland/Bohemia)

Having lived in Denmark for almost 30 years, the Danish/German border is an obvious place to start and the images here reflect our most recent trips to Denmark and Germany. Ultimately, other European border areas will follow.


The project is also in collaboration with artist Jeannie Clarke, who will produce paintings and artwork alongside my photography. The ultimate aim being an exhibition and a photo book with text reflecting the stories associated with the areas.

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